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The more simultaneous interpreting jobs I do on Brexit, the more I realise that thousands of Brits have absolutely no idea whatsoever of the implications of withdrawing from the EU, with or without a deal……

The UK is going to be hit hard and the EU doesnt really seem to be prepared to negotiate the withdrawal agreement any further, it has already taken two years to get the current one. As was said – the UK wants to leave so it is up to the Brits to face the music…..

Each time I do a job like this, I find the whole situation more upsetting… when the referendum was called, the campaign was based on untrue facts and no one was actually told what it really entailed – probably because most of the issues hadn’t even been dreamt about….. Someone in the audience asked if realistically a second referendum could be called and if Brexit could be cancelled, but experts said that even that option is difficult, it took Cameron about 6 months to get the first referendum through Parliament, so on the short term that is nigh on impossible….

The European elections will clash with Brexit if the EU accept to postpone the date, which poses even more problems, should the UK be allowed to participate in the elections? What about the United Kingdom’s seats in the European parliament if in the future a second referendum is held and the UK votes not to leave? Will the UK remain in the EU yet not have a voice until the next European elections in 5 years time???….and a long list of etc…. What would normally seem to be a minor issue like product labelling will become a major and expensive issue…. along with many other things I cannot even begin to mention….

What a mess, the word most used today was ‘uncertainty and anything could happen’, not ideal terms for such an important issue.

The UK will go from being an important player and decision-maker in Europe to a ‘third country’ with all the consequences that implies…..

Not sure what the best solution is, nor does anyone else apparently…. a real mess

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